Friday, September 28, 2012

road trip layout

Last week I got to take a little work road trip with some colleagues. And so of course I had to create a scrapbook page about it!

I love making pocket pages for trip memorabilia, and this time I decided to turn it on its side and tuck the papers in that way. They won't be as accessible as the pages where you can access the pocket from the top of the page protector, but I was okay with that in this instance

Totally happy with the bits of embellishment. The admit one/flower cluster in the lower left was the favorite one I made in last weekend's embellishment play session and so I'd kept it to use one one of my layouts. In combination with the 'hello my name is' die cut I'm really happy with it.

The red/white arrows were a last minute addition as the text print paper was looking a bit bare but I think they play well with the red 'look here' arrow that just happened to be on a sticker sheet I was using.

The whole layout is loosely based on this sketch from Jen Gallacher's Stretch Your Sketch class.

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