Tuesday, September 25, 2012

something from (almost) nothing...

Had time to play over the weekend like I had hoped, and came up with 6 (plus a few more) clustered embellishments that I then turned into a set of cards. I like to give them away as presents. And they're so much fun to do. Plus they help clean out my scrap basket and my random box of embellishments. I have a few more blue ones started so hopefully more play time soon!

The card blanks are 5x7 (the tan cardstock) and the decorated part of the card is built on pieces of 4x6 plain white and off-white cardstock. I built the embellishments, and then found some scraps in my scrap basket to put behind them. Then some gluing and stitching and voila! Cards!

And, I have a whole bunch of mostly useless letter sticker sheets, but I tried to eke out wording from them. 

The stitching on the background layer is not planned at all except as a way to attach the scrapbook paper to the 4x6 base. The more I turn my brain off during this step the more I like the finished product. 

I leave the thread ends loosely trimmed on purpose. I'm usually going for a sort of shabby chic vibe, and I like that a handmade card looks handmade.

I think this one's my favorite. I've been holding onto that round vellum clock  piece for many years. Way too long, but it works here I think.

I tried to ombre the white foam letters with pink ink. But this pink ink pad is such a pale pink that you really can't see it at all.  But its a technique I want to keep playing with.

the embellishment on this card (the orange floral bit) was an ancient embellishment I had kicking around for YEARS and it was time to do something with it. So off it goes on a card. I want to do this way more often, and get the scraps on a card where they're useful and not just cluttering up my scraproom!!

The 4x6 cards are attached to the card blank with double sided tape. I often sew them on, but I did so much stitching on them already that it felt like too much in this particular instance. 

So off these cards will go to a friend who I'm seeing for a birthday dinner next week. I'll wrap them up with their envelopes and some ribbon and tissue and hopefully they'll be well received, and be super useful. 

Something from very nearly nothing. I love that. 

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