Sunday, September 16, 2012

weekly gratitude post

The recurring theme this week seems to include painkillers, sleep, and comfort TV. Sounds about right for a long hard work week!

  1. opportunities for enrichment at work
  2. cozy jersey sheets
  3. glittery nail polish
  4. leftovers
  5. me time at the movies
  6. kitty cuddles
  7. team work
  8. pain killers
  9. frozen coffee from the libraries cafe
  10. awesome co-workers
  11. comfortable shoes
  12. laughing at wonderful mostly mindless television
  13. painkillers
  14. snuggling under warm covers
  15. 12 hours sleep, more or less
  16. friends who call and say "love you"
  17. the end of the work week
  18. British tv
  19. time to scrapbook
  20. time to cook tasty things
  21. bed-time stories to listen to

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