Sunday, September 23, 2012

weekly gratitude post

Another super busy week at work, and another one coming up. But lots of good things to celebrate despite the crazyness...

  1. clean clothes
  2. family time
  3. being able to subvert technology to my will

  1. sick time when I need it
  2. treats in the mail
  3. the joy of a cheese and pickle sandwich

  1. morning coffee
  2. the comfort of scrambled eggs and hot buttered toast
  3. a night's sleep with no nightmares

  1. the smiles a crisp morning walk to work brings
  2. cardigans
  3. scrapbook lessons delivered over the internet from London

  1. apple turnovers
  2. not having unanswerable questions on my reference desk shift
  3. wonderful weather

  1. road trip!
  2. friendly library folks
  3. crawling into a cosy bed at the end of a long day

  1. watching TV with friends
  2. hugs
  3. naps

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